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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our London Trip


Can't believe its been a week since we left for our business trip to London, we literally hit the ground running and head straght from the Airport to Bloomsbury Ballroom where we were officially meeting up with our dear friends Gabby Young and Kate and the crew from Miss Kiki Salon. We were so fortuanate to witness Gabby Young and the Other Animals live on stage, it was nothing short of a mesmerizing experience. I pretty much knew from our online relationship with Gabby that her sound was great but its not until you experience the band live on stage that you actually understand the magnitude of the talent involved. ( the hairs stood up on my arms!! always a very good sign!)

The visual impact of the band is just as terrific as the sound and we got to experience first hand the collaborative styling efforts of Miss Kiki Salon ( the collective we have recently joined) as Gabby sashayed around the stage in what can only be described as a visual feast for the eyes, from her hair to make up to her couture dress, onlookers are engaged from start to finish.

We actually stayed with Gabby and her partner Stephen (also frontliner with incredibly talented UK band , REVERE) in their lovely London abode with their handsome Jack Russell called Hobbes ( insert major dog crush here!)
The following day after the gig Gabby and Kate met with us for a wonderful meeting packed with ideas and talks of future plans.We even managed a quick trip into London College of Fashion! We left London full of inspiration, full of hospitality and looking forward to new avenues to explore with our new friends Gabby Young and Miss Kiki Salon.

2 comments: said...

What gorgeous feathers!!!

designs by bonzie said...

Aren't they adorable Heather!! Gabby has impeccable taste.

The milliner is very talented.