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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick, Draw.........McGraw

Well Gals,
As promised we have been working on some new stock for the shop and back by popular demand are our upcycled one of a kind layered petticoat skirts. We will be bringing lots of new pieces into the shop over the coming weeks and as the title suggests, these items are very unique and one of a kind so if your coveting one, its
"Quick, Draw.......McGraw" to pick them up. :)

These are such a wearable item, teamed with a slim fit top and chunky jewelry and you have a very edgy individual look that will take you everywhere! We wear a lot of these layered skirts and they always get lots of compliments. I hope you find one that suits you perfectly too.

bonzie & ger


nicedaydesigns said...

Wow, they are stunning! It's great to see that they are upcycled too,since that's what I do I'm always delighted to see more people doing it.

designs by bonzie said...

Thanks Nicedaydesigns,
We are really enjoying going back to our original work on etsy since 07, its been lovely to revisit our upcycling collection, hopefully lots more folk will enjoy this new eco way of life. :)

Rosie said...

<3 <3 <3

Steff said...

I'm totally drooling over these. And cursing the fact that I had to work and already missed out on snatching up that delightful green and plaid skirt. Someone's a lucky girl!!!

I <3 ecoBonzie.

Wendy said...

Oh, they're simply beautiful!!!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

The first one is a stunner!

Reenie Beanie said...

I adore the upcycled skirts, they are lovely. I do chunky jewelry, some of which would match just nicely!